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So You Think Your Apartment is Small? Take a look at This !

Sure we know NYC real estate is expensive but these SRO’s take the cake!  Don’t worry though it’s got ‘robust sunlight’ and the neighborhood has ‘vivacity’.  From the NY Daily News, ”

But in one Harlem building, the captives in a 100-square-foot apartment pay $1,275 a month — and there is no free grub.

The owners of a building at 14 Convent Ave. are now hyping the micro mini skirt of apartments — units that are a tough sell, unless you’re a real estate broker, of course.

The Douglas Elliman firm boasts on its website that the apartments — which are barely big enough to accommodate a bed, let alone a nightstand — sport “robust sunlight” and “generous” cabinet space.

Get ’em before they’re gone !