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Donald Trump thinks it’s a good time to buy a house, too

     Yesterday we told you about how Warren Buffett said he would buy millions of homes if he could on an interview on CNBC.  That was one more positive sign about our housing market.  Well today Donald Trump said the same thing.  On another CNBC interview Trump today said, “Housing is one of the great investments right now. I tell people all the time when they come up to me, they say, “What should I do, Mr. Trump?” I say go buy a house,” said Donald Trump earlier today.   This is just further evidence of the mind-set of investors today.  And that mind-set is that real estate is a great investment right now.  I really didn’t think we’d see this kind of movement until the second half of 2012 but the ship may be arriving early.  Thinking about buying but not sure.  You need to be calling me today so we can put together a strategy.