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Progress? Or is Real Estate flipping you the Finger?

Here’s a great new post from Diana Olick at CNBC.  It’s about how taller buildings are now being built between smaller buildings due to a lack of available real estate.  It looks pretty ugly to us  (to each his own, though) and it got us thinking about Atlanta.  Atlanta has it’s own issues when it comes to development, particularly since our city grew after the use of automobiles were common.  But the last two decades growth in the city has been measured and mostly sane.  We haven’t seen some of the craziness associated with values in places like New York or San Francisco.  We’ve had some problems for sure.  Remember the early 2,000’s when people were tearing down those little ranches in Brookhaven and building giant McMansions which almost blocked out the sun for the remaining ranches?  It looks like our biggest problem in Atlanta right now may be overbuilding in apartments.  But check out the article by Ms Olick.  Fortunately we’re not seeing this kind of growth (at least right now!).