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Baby Boomers Moving to Urban Centers

We’ve been seeing a trend for awhile now as Baby Boomers become empty nesters.  They’re looking to sell their current larger homes and down size.  In the past this often meant a move to sunny Florida or perhaps Arizona.  But today more and more baby boomers are looking to move to the city.  Part of this trend is just that older people are healthier and more active than previous generations.  So 20 years ago at 65 a person might want to lie in the Barcalounger and hit the 4:30 early bird special for dinner, today’s seniors are walking more and socializing more.  Urban living gives them plenty to do and more opportunities to get around without driving.  Diana Olick with CNBC has a great article discussing this in greater detail.  If you’re a Baby Boomer considering a move into Atlanta give us a call or shoot us an email today.