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The South, Urbanization and ‘Charlanta’


imageHere at homesinatlanta we’ve been telling you about increasing urbanization (or more simply people are moving to the city).  Now a new study from North Carolina State has a prediction of what the South will look like by 2060 due to this trend.  Here in the South we’ve tended to be spread out because our cities are younger and mostly developed during the hey day of the automobile and cheap energy prices.  One of the interesting things from the study will be the rise of ‘Charlanta’.  As you can see from this map there will be a stretch of urbanization from Birmingham through Atlanta to Charlotte and Raleigh.  Urbanization during this time in the South will increase 100 to almost 200% depending on the model.  People are continuing to move to the sunbelt and those people are choosing cities or the close in suburbs.  Our leaders need to be planning infrastructure, resource planning etc.  Let’s hope they will.

CityLab has a great write up about this here.