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Can Atlanta Go All in on the Beltline?

EastsideTrail You know we’re big fans of the Beltline at ‘homesinatlanta’ and we’re big fans of Atlantic Cities.  Here’s a new article from Atlanta’s own Rebecca Burns about the Beltline and it touches on some great points so we thought we’d share it with you here.  One pararagraph for us really stood out explaining the popularity of the Beltline and The Eastside Trail….

       “This year the Eastside Trail will attract a million visitors, the same number who come to the Georgia Aquarium. On weekends, the trail is so crowded that local media outlets have published etiquette tips and user guides. People drive in from the suburbs to walk the Eastside Trail. You can order a fancy $13 BeltLine Burger or rent a two-wheeler from Atlanta Beltline Bicycle. “BeltLine” is plastered across for-sale signs in the yards of aging bungalows and on banners promoting new apartment buildings. Over the past six months, townhouses sprouted like mushrooms along the Eastside Trail.”

Check out the entire article here.

SW Atlanta Beltline Gets a Tiger V Grant (Update)

Beltline    If you’re a regular reader of this blog (if not, you’ve wasted your life) then you know we’re big believers in the value of SouthWest Atlanta.  It’s close to downtown and many of the neighborhoods have a great inventory of Craftsman Bungalows.  And it’s super cheap over there.  Now comes news that the SW portion of the Beltline is beginning construction and should be completed next year.  This is due to an $18 million dollar Tiger V grant. It’s a huge positive development for this area because there aren’t the types of businesses in the area that can help with private money like the Eastside Trail.    You can read all the details here at the Beltline site.

UPDATE:  More good news is that this grant will allow the Beltline to go ahead and be completed all the way to University Avenue!

UPDATE 2:  Well gentle reader, Nicole Knox who works in media relations for the Beltline reached out to us to let us know we had erred in our writing.  We said the SW section would be completed in one year but the actual completion time is expected to be 3 years.  HomesInAtlanta thanks the Beltline for the information and thanks for all the great work you guys are doing.