Looking Back at First Quarter 2014 in Atlanta Real Estate

graph We were doing some analysis of the numbers from the first quarter of this year.  We’re coming to the close of the second quarter but those numbers won’t be out for another month.   One of the things that stood out was the increase in median price this year vs last year.  Some areas, like southeast Atlanta showed increase of over 40% while others showed between 10% and 20% increases.  It’s important to take these numbers into perspective.  It doesn’t mean each house went up 40% in value.  It actually means the average price increased.   So in southeast Atlanta one year ago there were probably a good mix of inexpensive foreclosed houses on the market.  Those houses are gone now and so the mix of houses for sale include many more non-distress sales.  What this really shows is the housing market in Atlanta continues to heal. The crazy price declines and high foreclosure rates are over.  We now have a fairly stable seller’s market right now.  Whew!  Ain’t it great?!

1Q 2014 Median Sales Price Change

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