Woodstock Gets a Shout Out from CNBC on Walkability

woodstock       Here at homesinatlanta we love to babble incessantly about walkable neighborhoods.  Why?  Because this is the future of real estate.  We like to focus on the Intown market and all the great areas like Inman Park and the Old Fourth Ward and projects like the Beltline and the Downtown Streetcar.  But walking neighborhoods aren’t just for urban Atlanta.  We’ve talked about Dunwoody making strides and the success of town centers/squares in Marietta and Lawrenceville.  Now Woodstock is getting noticed for it’s efforts to create a walkable center for it’s town.  Woodstock’s leaders back in 2002 had some amazing foresight and applied for a grant to change traffic patterns and build bulb outs to aid pedestrians and control automobile traffic in the square.  And it’s worked.  Instead of having a decaying town center Woodstock has been thriving.  And now CNBC has noticed Woodstock’s accomplishments. You can read the fantastic story here.

I have to admit I wasn’t aware of what Woodstock had done.  I’m impressed with city leaders spotting this trend early and doing the things that will help Woodstock succeed for years to come.  Good job!

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