Intown is where it’s at in Atlanta!

BeltLine1        A new study from Georgia Tech and the Atlanta Regional Commission shows that Atlantans (and transplants) are continuing to choose to live in more walkable and denser neighborhoods.  An article about the study is here at the always great Atlantic Cities site.

From the study;     “Since 2009, 60 percent of new office, retail and rental properties in Atlanta have been built in what Christopher Leinberger calls “walkable urban places” – those neighborhoods already blessed by high Walk Scores or on their way there. That new construction has taken place on less than 1 percent of the metropolitan Atlanta region’s land mass, suggesting a shift in real estate patterns from expansion at the city’s edges to denser development within its existing borders.”

We’ve been talking awhile about home buyer’s desires to live in more walkable neighborhoods.  This shows again that intown Atlanta real estate is a great buy and a great place to invest.  And if you’re thinking of buying or selling in Atlanta you need a good agent to guide you.  Give us a call and we’ll be ready to help.

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