Metrostudy Expects a Sharp Rise in Home Prices this Year

images Here at the HomesInAtlanta blog we follow Metrostudy closely.  They have some of the best and most up to date analysis available for the real estate market.  Now they’ve come out with a new prediction.  They’re expecting new home prices to increase almost 10% this year and another 6% in 2014.  We’ve been seeing prices inch up and expect more but Metrostudy is predicting a more robust market than most.  We tend to agree.  When the market falls prices tend to trail and so lower prices take a while to work into the market.  It’s the same with an increasing market.  People tend to price their homes a little low in this type of market and it takes a while to see the increases.  Well we’re seeing them now.  The lack of supply available for sale has really pushed up the prices of prime lots and builders will pass along that increase to the buyers.  Tell us you’re not still sitting on the fence….waiting on that bottom.  Because, brother, it has come and gone.  And while interest rates tracked down this week, don’t expect that to continue.  You need to be moving quickly and have a good strategy and a good agent.  Call us today to get the advice you need.

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