What’s in store for Atlanta Real Estate in 2013 ?

With the last week of 2012 upon us, here at HomesInAtlanta we’re going to be taking a look at what’s going to happen in 2013.   Here’s our first look.  It comes from the Urban Land Institute’s Emerging Trends Real Estate Report for 2013.  It’s focused more on commercial real estate but it covers a lot of ground so it’s worthwhile reading.  You can find it here.    Here’s a report on the Atlanta market that’s worth highlighting (also in case you don’t want to read the whole thing.  It says what you’ve been reading here.  Slow but steady improvement in Atlanta due to job and population growth but nothing is exploding yet as we’re still crawling from the wreckage of 2007/2008.   From ULI…..

‘Atlanta (35). Similar to the case for the other three major
markets that failed to make the top 20, Atlanta’s loss of employment
and the housing collapse affect interest in commercial real
estate. Median home prices in the metro area have sunk below
$100,000 and are projected to decline another 60 basis points
next year. Even with these difficulties, job growth is showing
improvement and is projected to increase 2.6 percent. GMP
looks strong as well and is projected to rise 2.9 percent in 2013,
far exceeding the city’s ten-year average. Concludes one investor,
“We will see more activity in Atlanta in 2013 as job growth
With signs of improvement, investment, development, and
homebuilding all make positive moves in overall rank. “Atlanta’s
size is something you have to look at for investments.” As in
many markets, apartments are one of the sectors suggested
for purchases in Atlanta. The industrial sector registered a buy
as well because increases in manufacturing, warehousing, and
shipping are expected in the near future. Hold is the recommendation,
however, for offices, hotels, and retail space.’

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